Superb Betting Opportunities Created by Live Streaming

The completely legal live streaming of sporting events by online bookmakers is a very powerful tool for motivating sports fans to watch more sporting events on a regular basis and to place bets on the outcome of those events.

Never before have so many niche sports been made available on the FREE live streaming service provided by bookmakers to their registered customers. We have partnered with a choice selection of online bookmakers who offer superb live streaming services on PC and on mobile in a top quality presentation optimized for even the smallest mobile devices.

Up until the recent improvement of broadband speeds and the development of much faster processors for computers and mobile devices, sports betting enthusiasts were totally limited to watching ONLY the limited TV broadcasts of popular sports such as football and tennis, spending their precious leisure time sitting at home for the duration of the event or at best, watching in a sports bar with friends.


Much More Choice for Sports Betting

Thanks to the wonderful world of digital technology, live streaming is now possible, revolutionizing the way that sports fans can enjoy all sorts of sports and the WAY that they can wager on those sports. Who would have thought a couple of years ago that anybody who registers an account with an innovative bookmaker of repute could sit at their PC or simply download a mobile app for free and legally watch a wide variety of sporting events streamed live without paying a penny? That is exactly what you can enjoy when you set up an account with one or more of the bookmakers that we have chosen to partner with and you can bet live during play on a huge variety of sport betting markets that come up whilst you watch the events unfold on your PC or mobile device.

Downloading the software of your online bookmaker to your PC is fast and completely safe and it costs nothing just as it is free to download the mobile app which suits the operating system of your mobile phone or tablet.


Enjoy the Comprehensive Service at your Online Bookmaker

Fast action sports with multiple stages in each event are fabulous for watching on the live streaming service and for betting live during the event. Tennis tournaments are especially exciting as there are several games in a match and several matches in each competition providing multiple sports betting markets along the way. Similarly, Golf and Cricket are great to watch using the live streaming service offered by your ‘bookie’ as you can take advantage of the diverse betting markets posted for individual players, teams, ‘man of the match’ and much more.

Live betting opportunities during play are always more numerous and innovative than the markets offered for pre-event betting. Horse racing fans can choose to watch horse racing and Greyhound racing for hours a time with one event after the other from multiple race courses shown in rapid succession along with plenty of pre-race and live betting during the races offered by the bookies. Increased live betting opportunities usually give sports betting fans a bigger overall return on their wagers as they can place bets in an informed way as they watch the events happening in front of their eyes. By registering an account with one or more of our recommended bookmakers you can begin to watch live streamed events immediately and plan ahead to watch later as a schedule of events is posted on the sports betting platform for you to consult at your leisure.


Play Heroic Marvel Themed Video Slots at Bet365 Casino

bet365 sportsThe Marvel themed video slots at Bet365 Casino are absolutely thrilling to play and they boast progressive jackpots which grow at a stunning pace as players casino wide attempt to cash in on the life changing amounts of money that are simply waiting for the lucky players to spin the winning combination with a little help from ‘Lady Luck’. Currently The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Spider man and X-Men have progressive jackpots exceeding £600,000 which is a tasty amount by anybodies standards and the tickers indicating the amount in the pot are turning at a very high speed.

The Marvel themed slots are the top of range games created by the industry leading iGames developers PlayTech and are not just the usual kind of slot game that one can expect to find in a casino venue but superb games with stupendously realistic graphic animations of the highest picture quality and sound tracks taken directly from the blockbuster films that have engaged millions of people and continue to do so. The Marvel slots games are totally immersive and provide an unbeatable entertainment experience every time that a player wagers and spins the reels on any of the games in the Marvel series.


Play Marvel slots at Bet365 Casino >>

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Win Big With Iron Man 3

The Ironman 3 video Slot is based on the comic book story which was made into a film in 2013 with the same name where the brilliant hero Tony Stark inherits his father’s company Stark Industries and makes some crazy contraptions in a very careless way. However when he is ‘fatally’ wounded in Afghanistan by a missile from his own company he is saved by a fellow scientist who keeps him alive and who helps him break out of prison by becoming the Iron Man. The game places the player up against the terrorist organization who imprisons Stark and is absolutely packed with plots and ways to fight against the ‘baddies’ and ensure that the righteous hero survives to see more exciting adventures.

The game is fast paced and thrilling letting the player enjoy the wonderful fantasy adventure whilst attempting to win huge amounts of cash which seems to be a bonus to all the pleasure that the game gives. The Ironman 3 video slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines where all the paylines must be activated in order to open up the way to win the progressive jackpot. There is plenty to win even if you don’t wager the max on each payline with several exciting features in the game that payout very big with the Iron Man Mark 42 free games feature triggering the biggest wins. Get 5 wilds of the same kind on all the paylines and you will trigger a payout of 2,500 times your stake which is a very nice reward from a single spin.

Register an account with the ‘World’s favourite online casino’ Bet365 Casino and get a welcome bonus of up to £100 matching the amount of your first deposit to your new account and which you can spend immediately in the venue on any games that please you!


Deal or No Deal Slots Promo at Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino BonusUnibet Casino is known to be very hot on the promotions and now you have got another superb opportunity to make a load of cash on the brand new addition to the video slot games suite ‘Deal or No Deal’. This tremendously exciting 5 reel, 20 payline slots game which is modeled on the famous game show shown on television in various regions of the world, where a large number of suitcases holding different amounts of money…. or nothing at all, are selected by the competitors, is featuring in an lucrative promo from Friday 19th October to Sunday 21st October 2012.

Feel the Heat as You Make Your Choice!

The excitement of the game has been successfully incorporated into the video slot and now you can get a lot of very big deals by playing at Unibet Casino on this amazing game. Wager a minimum of €10 in the promo time and you will receive 10 free spins on Monday 22nd October that could change your life, on the video slot games that have only recently come to Unibet Casino, “Jackhammer 2”, “Beach” and “Evolution”.

You have all the possibilities of hitting on the “Bankers Best Offer Bonus” feature, “The Reel Banker Bonus” and of choosing your ‘suitcase’ when you get the Progressive Jackpot showing up on your reels, which is divided into three different levels. If you have nerves of steel and can stay cool there is a distinct probability that you will win a fortune of cash so register a new account at Unibet casino through our link below and start playing now on all the fabulous games that are beautifully presented for you by Unibet Casino!


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Reel Race At Bet365 Casino This Saturday

bet365 sportsGet ready for a spectacular Reel Race on Saturday 12th April at Bet365 Casino where your game play with real money on any type of slot game at Bet365 Casino is counted towards giving you comp points and thereby determining your position on the leaderboard. You will be awarded 3 comp points for every £10 that you bet on the slots but remember to opt in first if you have never opted in for a reel race before at Bet365 Casino and to make a deposit of at least £25 to your account.

Superb Events Posted on an Ongoing Basis

Reel Races are regularly scheduled at Bet365 Casino due to popular demand from the customers who just love having a feeling of competition infused into the venue. A total of £5,000 will be given as bonus prize money to 200 participants and the top prize is a very generous £500 making this a race that is well worth taking part in. You can keep a close eye on your level in the leaderboard and put in a bit more of an effort if you see that you are very close to going up a level and winning a bigger amount of bonus cash. Once you receive your bonus prize you are required by the terms and conditions that are governing the Reel Race to wager the amount of the prize at least 20 times in the casino before withdrawing the money from your account.

To set up an account at Bet365 Casino and take part in the Reel Race and a huge number of regular activities organized for the customers by the team at Bet365 Casino, simply click on the link below that will take you to the registration page and you will be immediately eligible for a match deposit bonus of up to £150.

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Great Football Markets Offered at Bet365 Sports

bet365 sportsEnjoy the superb range of soccer markets offered by Bet365 Sports and when you place your bet give some thought to the origins of this fabulous sport. In 1863 the Football Association was formed in the UK formalizing the initial rules of soccer which involved an amount of handling but no hacking or kicking each other. Up to that time the game was mixed with what is today the game of Rugby where violent contact between players added to the entertainment value of the sport.

A Long History in the Game

In the Middle Ages in the UK the sport of ‘football’ was extremely violent with players allowed to bite, kick, gouge and shin other players in a desperate attempt to get the ball into their part of the field and to a target that today is represented by goal posts. Playing football type games with a ball or with an object that looked like a ball is reported to have been around for thousands of years with written records mentioning such a game in China around 300 years BC. It is known that the Ancient Romans and Greeks enjoyed a type of football and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to envisage ‘Cave Men’ from a very long time ago enjoying leisure time kicking around some kind of lightweight round object.

The lack of re-enforced brand name football boots would have limited the scope of what was kicked around but one can imagine that our ancestors’ feet were pretty tough! The phrase of ‘kicking the can down the road’ must have its origins in what most children have done for centuries even before beverage cans were invented! Register a new account today with Bet365 Sports using our link below and the bonus code RIDER365 to be sure of getting your sign up bonus of up to £100. When you place your next football bet spare a thought for the inspired people who created the sport and made it what it is today.


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Choose EuroGrand Casino for Your Online Entertainment

One hundred and fifty spectacular PlayTech games await you when you register an account at EuroGrand Casino where the online venue boasts all the fabulous features carefully replicated from luxurious and prestigious ground based European Casino venues. The rich variety of delectable games with millions of euros of cash sit waiting for those players who are ardent casino fans enjoying the comfortable and lucrative entertainment from their own living rooms. The EuroGrand Casino was launched in 2002 by the William Hill Group using its long experience in gaming and sports betting to create a gorgeous venue for those astute customers looking for something more than just a place to play games online.

Appreciate the Vibrant Presentation and Fabulous Colours

The home page is attractively presented with a clear featuring a comprehensive user friendly web site allowing players to try out games in free demo mode before wagering real money. The games are explained in detail permitting players to get a good feel for the way each one functions and of course greatly increasing the winning possibilities. The video slots are an absolute must as the jackpots are astonishing and the entertainment value is exceptional with the latest generation of graphic animation technology and sound effects incorporated into the games by the designers of the games suite powering EuroGrand Casino, the PlayTech Corporation.

The themes of the slots are thrilling and you will find that many of the latest video slots games involve the players in interactive roles leading to free spins and bonuses that are ingenious and rewarding. Register a new account today at EuroGrand Casino through our exclusive link below and you will be sure of getting an outstanding welcome bonus of up to €1,000 to use in the venue immediately.


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